Each of the communication platforms below, has its own rules and understanding.

For instance, when you present in front of an audience, it’s not only whát you are saying, but for an important part also hów you say it. This goes for giving an interview as well: here you are actively keeping a good understanding with the interviewer, whilst getting your message across. And maybe hardest is delivering your message through a press release; here words on paper or screen alone are to make the receiver as enthusiastic as you are.

Through workshops I can help you grow in each of these forms of communication.

Presenting for an audience

Because of my schooling and experience as a stage artist, I can teach you the skills that will help you to be on stage in a confident and relaxed manner. Skills that will enable you to get your story across, regardless of the size of the venue or the type of attendees. From that same schooling, I teach you to deliver your message in a way that it becomes a story, structured and well built up. Thus, as your trainer I teach you speaking in public.

Being interviewed

The interview follows the rules of journalism. Besides the manner in which you present yourself, it’s important to deliver your message within the context of a (guided) conversation.

I offer you my experience as an interviewer and editor in chief of a television talkshow to make you aware of these rules and train you to put them to use.

Drawing up a press release

On an almost daily basis, I have seen coming in press releases for over 15 years now. And I keep noticing how big the differences between them are. And why this one person or organization always manages to get itself noticed and others don’t. By now, I think I have solved part of the riddle: I can tell you what components contribute to their success. 

Get in touch with me for more information about following training in presenting, being interviewed or drawing up your press release. Without any obligation.