“Understanding the mind of a journalist”
making your message urgent to the media

An Inspirational Speech about increasing your chances to get Free Publicity.

Many entrepeneurs, self-employed professionals, craftsmen or organizations are passionate about what they have to offer. But when they try to find a platform to their enthusiasm, that often is harder than they expect. Media can be not very eager or outright sceptical about your message and may tell you to buy commercial time instead. Frustrating!

But there ARE things you can do to make your message more enticing to a journalist!

As inspirational speaker I will show you what the ways of a journalist are. I take you through his day at work, so you will understand the professional cycle that potential topics go through, before possibly ending up online, on radio, television or in print. I’ll let you in on which ingredients he is looking for to bring the news in a catchy way. Ingredients YOU can provide!

This presentation takes about 45 minutes, in and after which I interact with the attendees. I answer questions and we share thoughts and experiences.

If you have specific needs or requirements, let me know: we can probably come to a tailor-fit solution.

I can also be contacted on related subjects.