I have ampel experience at moderating meetings. My contribution can be limited to announcing speakers and guests, but can be expanded to interviewing them and leading discussions, either with panels or between panel and audience.
This I can provide at different kinds of gatherings, as a conference, symposium, brainstorming session, meetings for public participation or any other kind of meeting. Elements that I am particularly strong at are my lighthearted leading, improvising and interacting with the audience.

In a preliminary meeting with my client, we pin down what the aim of the meeting is and which goal is to be achieved. I then facilitate and guard that goal until the meeting comes to its conclusion.


The sooner I get involved in organizing the event, the more I can contribute. I can do that in various ways: I can advise on preparing the program and help finding speakers and workforms that fit your meeting.

My strength lies in the fact that I enjoy being in front of an audience, but that I don’t feel a need to be the centre of attention. Thus, I am agile and easy-moving as a moderator, but have no ego that overshadows the speakers and the goal of the day.

No professional slang

Because of my experience at making radio- and tv-shows, I am used to bring energy and speed, and move quickly to the core of the matter. When there is a panel, I balance the contributions of the members and I make sure the content lands well with the attendees. I ensure a discussion without professional slang, which makes a subject accessible also for non-professionals.

I would love to start working with you. Contact me for a meetup or a first advice. Without any further obligation!